Sarah Chase Who?  


I'm Sarah Chase Fountain.  

Writing is my most powerful tool, and human connection is my driving force. As it turns out, this is the perfect skill set for providing value in the Digital Age that we're currently living in. 

There is an abundance of negative sentiments out there about the technology we have today; "The younger generations are ruined! People are glued to their phones! Instagram is taking over the world! Run away!" 

Like any force, social media (and the Internet) can be used for good or evil.  Color-me-optimist, but I'm focusing on the "good." Social platforms provide unique and universal ways to break down barriers; to forge new relationships; to expose missions that matter—and it's my job to hone in on yours. 

It's not every day that humans find their path. I feel incredibly lucky to have found mine in the name of helping you.