So many channels, so little time. 

If you can relate, I've got you covered. 


Sarah Fountain


You: Woof. Mailchimp! My open-rate is rubbish and my unsubscribe-rate is sky-high. Should emails be so hard?  

La Fuente Media: Nope. Emails should be creative, succinct, and on brand point. I'll come up with compelling campaigns that drive conversions and connections between you and your audience. Includes A/B testing and weekly analytics. 



You: Errmagosh, the Facebook algorithm changed again? What's a Facebook algorithm? Is my audience even on Facebook? What's a tweet?

La Fuente Media: I know. It's madness. Let me create optimal content for engagement, increase brand awareness, and strengthen customer loyalty across necessary platforms. Includes A/B testing and weekly analytics. 

Sarah Fountain

Web content 

You: I get that websites are important, but are they important enough for me to pour real effort into? 

La Fuente Media: Yes. We can thank the Google Gods for making first impressions these days. You have less than 20 seconds to grab a client, otherwise, they're gone for good. I specialize in brand voices that sell without sounding like salesmen. 

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